*CC* Xmas2010 Customs List! *Just Released*

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*CC* Xmas2010 Customs List! *Just Released*

Postby Celeste Cazenove » 20 Nov 2010, 07:32

Now in the water till New Years Day 55 new and updated Xmas2010 catches
They are now catchable at Tiki Beach, Fish Market and ANY AREA with a (CC)PG -Xmas!

Xmas2010: (55 in ccpg)
*CC* Xmas2010 Rez-Rod: 'Peppermint Lane' Floral Bouquet
*CC* Xmas2010 Rez-Rod: 'Holly Daze' Floral Bouquet
*CC* Xmas2010 Non-Rod: Snowflake Catcher
*CC* Xmas2010 Non-Rod: CandyCane Wack-A-Fish
*CC* Xmas2010 Non-Rod: Stocking Full of Goodies
*CC* Xmas2010 Non-Rod: Ribbon Spin Stix BX
*CC* Xmas2010 Non-Rod: Holiday Flight Baton
*CC* Xmas2010 Non-Rod: CandyCane Stab-A-Fish
*CC* Xmas2010 Rod: 'Gingerbread Town' Fishing Pole
*CC* Xmas2010 Rod: 'Chocolate Village' Fishing Pole
*CC* Xmas2010 Rod: Rod of Many Cookies
*CC* Xmas2010 Rod: 'Deck the Halls' Fishing Pole
*CC* Xmas2010 Rod: Giant Particle Tree Pole
*CC* Xmas2010 Rod: Peppermint CandyCane Pole
*CC* Xmas2010 Rod: Christmas CandyCane Pole
*CC* Xmas2010 Rod: Fruity CandyCane Pole
*CC* Xmas2010 Rod: Gourmet CandyCane Pole
*CC* Xmas2010 Rod: Silver Bells Fishing Pole
*CC* Xmas2010 Rod: Boxes & Bows Fishing Pole
*CC* Xmas2010 Rod: Snow Dayz Fishing Pole
*CC* Xmas2010 Rod: Ice Crystals Pole
*CC* Xmas2010 Rod: Christmas Tree Pole
*CC* Xmas2010 Rod: Christmas Ripple Rod
*CC* Xmas2010 Fish: Red Twinkle Fish
*CC* Xmas2010 Fish: Blue Twinkle Fish
*CC* Xmas2010 Fish: Green Twinkle Fish
*CC* Xmas2010 Fish: Yellow Twinkle Fish
*CC* Xmas2010 Fish: Purple Twinkle Fish
*CC* Xmas2010 Fish: One Fish Open Sliegh
*CC* Xmas2010 Gift: ColorChoice HoHo Hat
*CC* Xmas2010 Gift: Elf Train Elf Hat
*CC* Xmas2010 Gift: Wet Winter Umbrella -Striped
*CC* Xmas2010 Gift: Kissing Missletoe
*CC* Xmas2010 Gift: Red Blizzard Beanie
*CC* Xmas2010 Gift: Blue Blizzard Beanie
*CC* Xmas2010 Gift: Striped Bouncy Ornament
*CC* Xmas2010 Gift: Red Bouncy Ornament
*CC* Xmas2010 Gift: Blue Bouncy Ornament
*CC* Xmas2010 Gift: Pink Bouncy Ornament
*CC* Xmas2010 Gift: Pogo Candy Cane
*CC* Xmas2010 Treat: Peppermint Candy Cane
*CC* Xmas2010 Treat: Kiwi Mango Candy Cane
*CC* Xmas2010 Treat: Christmas Candy Cane
*CC* Xmas2010 Treat: BlueBerry Candy Cane
*CC* Xmas2010 Treat: Bubble Gum Candy Cane
*CC* Xmas2010 Treat: Orange Cranberry Candy Cane
*CC* Xmas2010 Treat: Orange Candy Cane
*CC* Xmas2010 Treat: Blue Raspberry Candy Cane
*CC* Xmas2010 Treat: Neopolitan Candy Cane
*CC* Xmas2010 Treat: Bannana Candy Cane
*CC* Xmas2010 Treat: Grape Candy Cane
*CC* Xmas2010 Treat: Watermelon Candy Cane
*CC* Xmas2010 Treat: LemonLime Candy Cane
*CC* Xmas2010 Treat: Egg Nogg Candy Cane
*CC* Xmas2010 Treat: Chocolate Mint Candy Cane

Also Exclusive to Fish Market & Tiki Beach areas:
Bounty Prize: *CC* Xmas2010 Non-Rod: Reindeer Launching System
Camping Prize: *CC* Xmas2010 Fish: Shift Twinkle Fish

-You can still buy a (CC)PG-Xmas and have 55 new xmas catches for your area, follow links below to my Marketplace store or inworld Fish Market!

Happy Fishing & Merry Christmas! :D
Come catch my new customs at CC's Fish Factory http://slurl.com/secondlife/Symbiotic/36/141/25
SL Marketplace merchant, view all my (CC)PG's at: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/24038
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