CC's Area Fun Pack #1 *NOW AVAILABLE*

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CC's Area Fun Pack #1 *NOW AVAILABLE*

Postby Celeste Cazenove » 30 Mar 2011, 16:46

Area Fun Pack #1:
-Pedestal Aquariums: 7Seas compatible tanks with lots of owners menu options! Change colors of Hood & Base! Free swimming fish can be changed to any 7S fish using 7S fish menu 'aquarium' button. Owners menu controls, fish, school, bubbles, background, lights & sound.

-CCPG-Promo: Gives 8 special CC customs to fishers in your area, 10% catch rate. Must be within 30m of 7Seas Fishing Server.

-Slap the Lid: Gives a prize to all who Slap if required # of ppl join! Comes with 3 (CC) Fish in Bags as default prizes. Add your own!

-Prize Pot Barrel: Contest prize pot pays winners of contests and gives prizes! Reverse pay function too!
Come with 3 default (CC) Fishing Trophies! Add Your Own too!

-Boast Bucket: Gives prize to fishers who boast! Diferent one to HOF members than to other fishers.

-Level-Up Bucket: Gives prize to fishers who level! Comes with default trophy or add your own!

-Rez A Crate & Rez A Barrel: Visitors can get a crate or barrel seat on touch!


-for picture simply follow the marketplace link below-
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