CC's Area Fun Pack #2 **NOW AVAILABLE**

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CC's Area Fun Pack #2 **NOW AVAILABLE**

Postby Celeste Cazenove » 05 Apr 2011, 20:50

Now available on SL Marketplace & inworld at Fish Factory! Got BORED fishers? Give them more to play with in your area with CC's Area Fun Pack #2!!
Comes with many default prizes/trophies inside the games/gadgets, these are all copy/trans items made for the area packs!

Area Fun Pack #2:
-Fish Sticks Game: Fun interactive group game, players drag sticks from stack trying not to topple it. Similiar to RL jenga game but with fish stick looking blocks.

-Shell Shocked Game: Fun match elimination past-time game. Try to eliminate the shells and make the High Score List!

-Fisho-Matic Vending Tank: This is a fun little random vending machine, put any prizes you want inside. Comes preloaded with 5 funny prizes.

-Random Prize Bucket: Visitors are allowed to get one free prize from the bucket a day. Put any prizes you want inside. Comes preloaded with 4 default prizes.

-Chosen One Barrel: People touch to join list, and one lucky person that joined will win the pictured prize at end of day. Comes preloaded with 3 Fish in Bucket prizes and pics. Add your own!

-Brain Wave Game: Psychic guessing game with effects, score high to win prizes! Comes with 3 brain trophies, preloaded. You can change the prizes if you choose.

-Rez A Ride V1: Comes preloaded with a Dolphin, Matress & Tuna Can Floaties. Load your own vehicles. Visitors can access rides from touch menu! Modifyable to work with sea, land or air vehicles!

-Bango Drums: Will keep a drum above the base, when people collide with it by walking into it or sitting on it the bango drum will explode, sending fire and avatar flying. You can also shoot the drums with most weapons. The base will wait 90 seconds then rez a new bango drum, one of 5 diferent styles.

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