CC's Area Fun Pack #3 **Now Available!**

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CC's Area Fun Pack #3 **Now Available!**

Postby Celeste Cazenove » 22 Apr 2011, 11:00

Area Fun Pack #3:
-Bobbing For Fish: Visitors can get free gifts by bobbing for them, comes with 5 free default gifts inside. Add your own if you like.

-Xploder Mini Tank: Looks like a mini-version of the pedestal aquariums in pack 1. Guest pay to play a group lottery type game. Pays randomly, owner can set the house % of each pot. Tank actually explodes with water and bubbles flying!

-Rez A Ride V2: Comes preloaded with a Katamaran, Barrel Floaty & Tuna Can Floaty. Load your own vehicles. Visitors can access rides from touch menu! Modifyable to work with sea, land or air vehicles!

-Lobster Traps: Owner Sets Price to Rent/Use Traps. Traps drop and always pull up a prize on pay.
Two types of prizes (rare & common), 4 default prizes included! Add your own!

-Reel in the Cash: Our fishy version of the popular Zyngo Game. Owners can set High Score needed to win, Pot Amount it will pay when High Score is reached and Price to Play.

-Funny Fountains: Funny animated drinking fountain that creates water effects and gives a random notecard to visitors when they touch/sit.
Comes in 3 colors, Red, Green & Tan.

-Lucky Letter Barrel: Works like a lucky chair, win the prize pictured if your name starts with correct letter. Add your own prizes/pics. Comes with 3 prizes included.

-Tip Bucket: This tip bucket gives a gift to people who tip you, comes with a tippers trophy included. You can add your own gift. A spinning gold coin also appears over bucket when tipped!

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