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Postby Celeste Cazenove » 18 May 2011, 19:41

I got this idea while people were setting up there displays at fishiversary, it turned into a huge project, lolz. There are two Award Boards catchable at Fish Factory now, that have all the ribbons for each sim, that were given out. These are funny awards and meant for fun and apreciatiion of their hard work!
*These are unofficial awards and not directly affiliated with 7Seas*

Below you will find all the awards given for Fishiversary 2011:

7seas Party Island wins... 'Best Place to be Hit by a Tumbleweed!' ;)

Trout Bar, Bascom Fishing Deck wins... 'Shortest Road to Nowhere!' :P
CC's Fish Factory wins.... 'Best Place to Get a Splinter!' :lol:
Jaceph & Mp's High Seas Fishing Duel wins... 'Greatest Defiance of Gravity!' :o
DMC Marinas Fishing Area wins... 'Best use of NEON!' :)
Migizi Customs wins... 'Best Below Sea Level Cow!' :D
Super Happy Magic Funtime Catland wins... 'Best Place to Find Skittles!' 8-)
SHD/IB Fishing Area wins... 'Largest Frog in the entire Universe!' :o
Moe'net wins... 'Best Place to get Drunk!' :shock:
Glorious Insanity Cove wins... 'Best place to Burn to Death!' :o
River Park Games wins.... 'Best Place to Play Musical Chairs!' :lol:
Earthly Designs wins... 'Best Place that was Finished Last!' ;)
One Stop Mall wins... 'Most Child AV's hit by Bird Droppings!' :lol:
Fishermans Paradise wins... 'Best Place to Look for Hiding Ninjas!'
OH Custom Fishing Rods wins... 'Best use of Recycled Plywood!' :)
The Ecelectic Company wins... 'Best Place to Have a Wine Tasting!' :P
SCI-FI ExperienceAmusement Park wins... 'Best Place to Break your Face!' :D

LGA Customs EVO Corp. wins.... 'More Flags than the United Nations!' :lol:
Greyhaven wins... 'Best Use of a Leather Sofa!' :)
Req City Fishing Area wins... 'Highest Brick Wall Award!' :o
Neko Beach Lagoon wins... 'Best Place to Sneeze Alot!' :P
Jungle Island South wins... 'Best way to make us feel Small!' :?
Diamond Syntheses, Triple J Fishing wins... 'Best Use of Comical Cow!' :lol:
S.S. Galaxy wins... 'Worlds Smallest Big Boat!' :?
Retro Metro wins... 'Best Place to Time Travel!' :D
The Corner Surreal Fishing wins... 'Most Realistic Looking Hay!' :roll:
Grimalkin Fishin Hole wins... 'Best use of Paper Lanterns!' :)
Octopus Garden Dock wins... 'Best Place to Wear a Cowboy Hat!' :D
Raglan Shire Fisheries wins... 'Best Theft of Keebler Elf Tree!' :lol:
Cheep Cheep Landing Livingtree wins... 'Most Sand Transferred into Shorts!' :)
Blue Cave wins... 'Best Place to Hold Hands with a Monkey!' 8-)
Dragon Beach, Grogos Gadgets wins... 'Highest Dining Area in Tree!' :)

Thanks to everyone who put up their silly awards on their display!

For a great place to fish with tons of customs to catch, please visit CC's Fish Factory.

If you liked the awards, let me know here and I might do them again at FFF!
Come catch my new customs at CC's Fish Factory
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