Leashed/Preferred Furnishings Fishing Area

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Leashed/Preferred Furnishings Fishing Area

Postby Vollen Weiser » 28 Jul 2011, 14:49

Leashed/Preferred Fishing Area ( Please excuse our sim as it is incomplete and a work inprogress)

Trivia during contests.

Egg Hunt 24/7 (10 eggs hidden daily around sim worth from 10 to 50L each)

200L Weekly Contest-------29 Minute duration/ Starting every 30 Minutes. Unlimited.

24/7 Bounty Hunt 25/20/15/10/5 Random rarities/fish

Contests-- Custom trophies to top 3--top 1-5 win Ls

7Seas vendors

Customs and Crafted customs via Prize givers.

* Although this is an Adult sim, Nudity isn't allowed during fishing contests. Sorry, no child Avi's allowed per sim rules. For now there are only a few shops to browse, many shops to rent please IM Samdra Kirkland if you wish to rent shop space. Pet shop, Preferred fine furniture, Leashed body art/skins and MCD, Clothing store and Custom fishing poles for sale near the 7seas vendors. More shops and attractions will be added as this is a work in progress sim. The sim is Dutch Theme, Femdom Dom/Sub friendly. Please be respectful of one another. As for egg hunt, no tricks or dishonesty involved. Eggs are not hidden in the sky nor on roofs or inside a prim for example (Inside a cup would not constitute inside a prim). When all 10 are gone new ones will be hidden the next day :) Just click them to claim L prize and they will disapear afterward.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/T ... 121/240/22
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Re: Leashed/Preferred Furnishings Fishing Area

Postby Vollen Weiser » 29 Jul 2011, 05:32

Custom Crafted List Below-----More to be added weekly
(VW) Dark Blue Anodized Fishing Pole

(VW) Rare Blueprint: Dark Blue Anodized Fishing Pole

(VW) SuperUltraRare Salvage: Resin
(VW) SuperUltraRare Salvage: Handel
(VW) SuperUltraRare Salvage: Rings
(VW) SuperUltraRare Salvage: Collar
(VW) Uncommon Salvage: Gears
(VW) Rare Salvage: Line
(VW) SuperUltraRare Salvage: Pole
(VW) UltraRare Salvage: Reel
(VW) Common Salvage: Hook
(VW) Common Salvage: Knob

(VW) Christmas Fireplace w/Cuddle

(VW) Rare Blurprint: Christmas Fireplace w/Cuddle

(VW) Common Salvage: Logs
(VW) SuperUltraRare: Base

(VW) Crafted Marlin

(VW) Rare Blueprint: Marlin

(VW) UltraRare Salvage: Head
(VW) SuperUltraRare Salvage: Body
(VW) SuperUltraRare Salvage: Scales
(VW) Rare Salvage: Tail
(VW) Uncommon Salvage: Fin
(VW) Common Salvage: FishGuts

**NOTE On L Prizes Below, To claim you must send Me all salvage, the blueprint and the final certificate to me in a folder to inspect then i will send the prize. Usually within 24 hours. No L prize will be worth over 50L. No exceptions.

10L Prize

(VW) 10L Certificate

(VW) Rare Blueprint: 10L

(VW) Common Salvage: 10L 1of4
(VW) UltraRare Salvage: 10L 2of4
(VW) SuperUltraRare Salvage: 10L 3of4
(VW) Uncommon Salvage: 10L 4of4
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