Migizi's Spanish Galleon AVi blueprint

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Migizi's Spanish Galleon AVi blueprint

Postby Migizi North » 05 Jan 2009, 12:57

A new constructable blueprint was Just added to the waters:

Migizi's Spanish Galleon AVi, available at:

Migizi's haunted island
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beek%20Zuid ... /128/54/22

Van Diemans Land
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Van%20Diema ... d/71/58/22


The following items are needed for it's construction.

Migizi's Blueprint: Haunted Galleon AVi

Migizi's Salvage: Captian Ahab fish 2
migizi's Salvage: Spanish Galleon
Migizi's Salvage: Captured Female Spirit
Migizi's Salvage: Captured Male Spirit

Migizi's Salvage: Medalion Red
Migizi's Salvage: Medalion Blue

The salvage items caught at any of the areas can be used to build the blueprint, but you must return to the place where you caught the blueprint in order to receive your new Avitar.

The following is from the instruction notecard included with the AVi:

Thank you for your interest in Migizi's Mini ship AVis. Please be aware that these are Avatars not vehicles and as such they will tend to sink. To prevent this, I have included two 1 prim boats in the ship AVi. Both versions will float in SL water. The Boat version is for driving around. The Sailboat version is for sailing using SL wind.

You must be within 10 meters of the water's surface to rez these boats. If rezzed below the surface, they will be placed on the surface.

1) Click on the Ship to get the menu.
2) Select "Rez Boat" or "Rez Sailboat" from the menu (both boats looks like a wooden board).
3) Click on the boat (the boat will disappear and your AV will look like it's sitting in the water).
4) Detach the AVi part of your ship (the part with AVi at the end of the name).
5) Rewear the AVi part of your ship (the part with AVi at the end of the name).

Boat version:
--Up arrow: Increase speed by 0.1 meter per second
--Down arrow: Decrease speed by 0.1 meter per second (negative speeds make you go in reverse)
--Page Down: Stop

Sailboat version:
--To raise the sails, say "/1 raise"
--To lower the sails, say "/1 lower"
--To stop the ship, say "/1 moor"
--To steer (use rudder), press the Left and Right arrows.
--To adjust the sheet (sail) angle, use the Up and Down arrows. Also, you can say "/1 sheet x" to adjust the sheet +x degrees, or "/1 sheet -x" to adjust it -x degrees (example: "/1 sheet -2").

Please read the notecard "Sailing the Tako"

Cannons work in mouselook. Aim with the mouse and fire by clicking the left mouse button.

After you have been hit 5 times, your ship will begin to smoke and the cannons will be disabled for 30 seconds.
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Re: Migizi's Spanish Galleon AVi blueprint

Postby 7Seas Sass » 06 Jan 2009, 04:09

Ooh, fun! I added it to the lists for all three areas:

Prior to that the most recent list I had of items at Haunted Island was from November... maybe you wanna check the list and either post a new complete list in the forum here, or notecard me? Thanks!
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