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Attention! Custom Creators! New Project!

PostPosted: 19 May 2009, 16:30
by Celeste Cazenove
Hello, I am currently making all the textures for a new project that will be called Celestial Mall, it will be in the clouds with sparkling effects and a center fountain that will be the fishing area where signs will encourage people to catch 'fishies from heaven' My (CC) customs will be available there and Tiki Beach will be closed. This is a ways off, so feel free to visit Tiki Beach for now... This posting is mostly to notify people of an opportunity to sell, rent, or trade your space/sci-fi/fantasy themed customs in my new area when it opens! I would be willing to do any of the following if customs fit the 'in the clouds' theme of the area: 1) Trade any of my 150+ customs in a ppg for a ppg of yours in Celestial Mall (with equal # of customs)
2) Pay you to create exclusive customs for Celestial Mall, if we agree on a reasonable price.
3) Allow you to establish a small kiosk selling your customs located near the fountain rent free, in
exchange for placing a ppg with # of customs equal to # of prims being used.

Please reply here and I will contact you inworld when i finish designing and building the mall. I am not online much right now because I am creating all the textures for the new project, so my IM's will probably be capped and I wont get your IM. So, if your interested please reply here and let me know which #1-3 sounds best to you and I will contact you inworld when the mall is ready. Celestial Mall will feature small shops with all my diferent types of creations and shops for companies that I personally invite because they fit the theme of the Mall. The general idea is a Mall resting on clouds made of Crystal with narrow bridges branching out to different areas and sci-fi/fantasy themed rides/prize chairs/games.

Re: Attention! Custom Creators! New Project!

PostPosted: 22 May 2009, 12:41
by Celeste Cazenove
No responses? hmmm... okay I will hunt out the creators I like the most inworld when I get to that point, but this means if I dont know who you are and you dont respond here that your interested then you may miss out on being part of something really cool :(

Re: Attention! Custom Creators! New Project!

PostPosted: 28 May 2009, 14:05
by Celeste Cazenove
oKA, I am posting a list of customs still available at Tiki Beach this will be the permanent list for that location. I have made arrangements with several creators online and will be including 48 of the older customs in the list being set up at the new Celestial Mall. The following creators will have some creations available for you to catch at the Celestial Hatchery (inside mall), details are still being arranged and customs are being created as I write this. I will be creating new customs for the Hatchery as well, but right now am still building the Mall itself. My thanks to the help of the following creators: Khryst Neox, Anddy Heartsdale, ItsJust Wise, Cane Sutter, Razzap Snookums, Alice Xue, Gaidion Priestman.

"The best creations of man have not been made by single individuals, but by a group of talented artisans"

Celestial Mall- "Protecting the Planet, By Building Above It!"

Stay tuned for more info on the exciting creations both in the Mall and for the Customs List of this new area!