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Postby Ikonn Giano » 29 Sep 2009, 09:37

Hello Group

I am looking for a fin flapping script I checked my developers kit but there isnt any. If sombody has one or could let me know where to find one I would appreciate it!


I did search forum but didnt see any.
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Re: Scripts

Postby Amara Twilight » 28 Oct 2009, 04:49

The OpenSeas Development Kit doesn't come with a fin flapping Script. You will need to obtain a package in world that will let you animate prims to do what you want, or program one yourself, or higher a scripter.

Here is a quick rundown of some animation packages

zfire Animator (roughly 1200L)

this script will output to a webpage the scripts for your animated prims.
Pros: you have full perm animated scripts and can change them if needed. scripts will never break on sim reset/crash, just rest scripts. Owner is very helpful.
Cons: takes longer to animate with and is not for beginners

Puppeteer (roughly 2000L?)

this package will record your animated prims.
Pros: Very user friendly. has a free version but products made with free version are no trans. Owner is helpful.
Cons: stored in some sort of memory state and can become broken on sim crash from what i understand. Package is no mod.

i-Rez (roughly 1000L)

this package is like puppeteer, but slightly less robust. no idea on the owners helpfulness. also has a free version limited like puppeteer.

Linked Prim Animator Lite (roughly FREE!)

This is also similar to puppetter but without all the bells and whistles. will get you by for simple stuff for sure. may be a bit light on the documentation and may not be developed any more. I believe you can still get this on xstreetsl.

All of these packages you move your prims and then "record" the new position. Then move and record till done, then publish/finalize your recording. You can not animate the root prim but that works fine with the way 7seas customs are made. :) The root prim is used for offsetting all the other animations and thus must not/can not be animated.
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Re: Scripts

Postby LittleHelper Eichel » 29 Oct 2009, 09:35

Another FREE Proggie:

Scratch for Second Life (S4SL)

S4SL is a new easy way to add behaviors and interactivity to your objects in Second Life. S4SL is based on Scratch, a graphical programming language that lets you construct programs by snapping together graphical blocks. With S4SL, you can snap together a few blocks to make your SL pet interact with you using chat commands, make your sculpture change size and color, or make your house respond to your presence.

Never tested it really, maybe you can give a response if it is OK for your needs.


Greetings LittleHelper
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