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OpenRod Scripts: E-Z custom rods!

PostPosted: 09 Jan 2009, 18:54
by Seven Shikami
I updated the OpenSeas kit; you can find it in our group notices or in your Fishing Area Kit (via Proof of Purchase) or send an IM to 7Seas Sass requesting a copy of the kit.

The new addition is OpenRod.

This is a simple script I made that works in conjunction with our Invisible/Phantom No-Animation Pro Rods, to let you make a custom rod that uses your OWN custom animations and custom sounds for casting, catching, etc. Spearguns, nets, tractor beams, animal claws, whatever you can animate can be used with 7Seas.

Other developers have made similar scripts and developed some damn good rods already -- all I'm doing is opening up rod creation to non-scripters. Also, mine's A) open source, and B) as lag free as I could make it. When first worn, it listens to all rods on -77077, but once it hears the owner's rod it "locks on" and only listens to that rod to reduce lag. If the animations ever get desynced (owner changes rods, etc) one click will re-sync it.

Feel free to use it, resell it, repurpose it, remix it, improve on it, yadda yadda within the Creative Commons attribution agreement clauses.

Re: OpenRod Scripts: E-Z custom rods!

PostPosted: 13 Jan 2009, 18:16
by Celeste Cazenove
Thanks Seven :) I used it on my two new rods. I wasnt gonna do rods at all and this opened up the possibilities enough for me to get creative. I created Whack A Fish rod that uses OpenRod and a interactive script so ppl can cast and crouch down by the water and try to whack fish in the head or people can type a command in chat and whack a person in the head. My 2nd creation using OpenRod was the Butterfly Net rod that uses its own animations and sounds to make it look like your swinging the net around to catch butterflies. It also has a emitter that makes small butterflies flitter about.
This helped me alot and I'm sure will allow others to make some really great stuff too :)