Pala Contest Summary Display now available

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Pala Contest Summary Display now available

Postby Grey Nacht » 19 Sep 2009, 07:46

The Pala Contest Summary Display (CSD) is now available in the "usual place" (the secret room under the pirate tower) for the usual price (free). These gadgets will display ALL the scores at the end of a contest for 10 minutes and then reset. These is a help card in the folder you get from the giver box. One CSD should to be placed within 20 meters of your contest board. This display will also act as a relay. Other CSD can then be placed anywhere within 100 meters of first CSD. These are repeaters. If the devices are not placed with the correct ranges, they will let you know. These are very low lag and only become active at the end of a contest. Simple and easy to use, with a money back guarantee (hey, its free)

The informational sign at the lighthouse side of the fishing dock contains a teleporter which will take you to the secret room.

Remember, Pala gadgets are free and not for resale. If you have questions or find a glitch, please let me know.
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