Updated Custom Catch List

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Updated Custom Catch List

Postby Kosh Magic » 29 Jan 2010, 03:40

Welcome to Aggieville at Manhattan!

This is the run-down of or custom catches:

*PA* Halloween Fisher
*PA* Bounty Hunt Trophy
*PA* Christmas Ornament Pedastal Blue
*PA* Christmas Ornament Pedastal Green
*PA* Christmas Ornament Pedastal Red
*PA* Christmas Ornament Pedastal Silver
*PA* Garden Cuddle Leaf
*PA* Garden Cuddle Leaf Hammock
*PA* Jelly
*PA* Little Christmas Tree
*PA* Pangur's Freedom Heart Choker
*PA* Silver Fishbone Choker
*PA* Simple Purple Sleigh

*FI* Common Aloha Fish
*FI* Common Blueprint: Neko Fishing Hat
*FI* Common Candy Fish: Key Lime Pie
*FI* Common Candy Fish: Pink Cotton Candy
*FI* Common Cheesy Goldfish Cracker
*FI* Common Fishy Balloon Bunch
*FI* Common Going Home Fish
*FI* Common Goldfish Bench
*FI* Common Kitty Cat Dance (gesture)
*FI* Common Komen Fish Swimming For The Cure
*FI* Common Lucky Horse Shoe
*FI* Common Professional Apple: Computer Geek Apple
*FI* Common Professional Apple: Police Apple
*FI* Common Snap! (gesture)
*FI* Common Sun Buddy
*FI* Common Think Fish
*FI* Common Toy Fish
*FI* Common White Pearl
*FI* Neko Fishing Hat
*FI* Rare Authentic Black pearl
*FI* Rare Beautiful Bronze Fish
*FI* Rare Builder's Kit
*FI* Rare Fish Fountain
*FI* Rare Flaming Marshmellows on a Stick Rod
*FI* Rare Flaring Betta Red
*FI* Rare Heart Buddy
*FI* Rare Party Fish
*FI* Rare Phantom Phish
*FI* Rare Pizza Delivery!
*FI* Rare Professional Apple: Graduate Apple
*FI* Rare Professional Apple: Photographer Apple
*FI* Rare Purple Dragon Horns
*FI* Rare Purple Dragon Tail
*FI* Rare Salvage: Captain's Catch Neko Food
*FI* Rare Shoulder Oyster
*FI* Rare Smiling Shamrock
*FI* Rare Soldier Fish
*FI* Rare Trick or Treat Fish
*FI* SuperUltraRare 24 Carat Gold Fish
*FI* SuperUltraRare AFK1
*FI* SuperUltraRare Angel Fish
*FI* SuperUltraRare Breast Cancer Awareness Rod
*FI* SuperUltraRare Candy Fish: Pomegranate
*FI* SuperUltraRare Chocolate Easter Bunny
*FI* SuperUltraRare Complete Neko Set Black
*FI* SuperUltraRare Complete Neko Set Jungle Camo
*FI* SuperUltraRare Complete Neko Set White
*FI* SuperUltraRare Dorkfish Boy
*FI* SuperUltraRare Dorkfish Girl
*FI* SuperUltraRare Lion's Head Oranda Goldfish
*FI* SuperUltraRare Lion Fish
*FI* SuperUltraRare No Fish
*FI* SuperUltraRare Professional Apple: CEO Apple
*FI* SuperUltraRare Professional Apple: Pirate Apple
*FI* SuperUltraRare Red Cap Oranda Goldfish
*FI* SuperUltraRare Rix Horns w/Ribbons Black
*FI* SuperUltraRare Rix Horns w/Ribbons Grey
*FI* SuperUltraRare Salvage: Tube of hairball Remedy
*FI* SuperUltraRare Spring Has Sprung Rod
*FI* SuperUltraRare Thanksgiving Fish
*FI* UltraRare Moon Buddy v 2.0
*FI* UltraRare AFK2
*FI* UltraRare Angel Heart
*FI* UltraRare Blue Jean Fishy
*FI* UltraRare Candy Fish: Blueberry Crumble
*FI* UltraRare Christmas Fish
*FI* UltraRare Cloud Buddy
*FI* UltraRare Devil May Care
*FI* UltraRare Flaring Betta Bluish-Green
*FI* UltraRare Flying Goldfish
*FI* UltraRare Kitty Paw Fishing Rod
*FI* UltraRare Kosh's Star Buddy
*FI* UltraRare Pangur's Freedom Heart Choker
*FI* UltraRare Professional Apple: Chef Apple
*FI* UltraRare Salvage: Ball Of Yarn
*FI* UltraRare Sterling Silver Fish
*FI* Uncommon Candy Fish: Orange
*FI* Uncommon Clueless
*FI* Uncommon Dorkfish Bait
*FI* Uncommon Easter Basket
*FI* Uncommon Flaring Betta Black
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Blue
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Gold
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Green
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Indian Red
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Pink
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Purple
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Rainbow
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Spotty White
*FI* Uncommon Oh No You Didn't! (gesture)
*FI* Uncommon Professional Apple: Dr. Apple
*FI* Uncommon Professional Apple: Sgt. Apple
*FI* Uncommon Rainbow Koi
*FI* Uncommon Tiger Fish

(NSI) fishing platform
(NAI) Tiny oasis (boxed)
(NSI) Tiny speedboat
(NSI) Tiny Yacht
(NSI) Bone Rod
(NSI) Bubble Rod
(NSI) G.I.-Joe rod
(NSI) Neon rod
(NSI) Rose rod
(NSI) Thrashed Rod
(NSI) WTF rod
(NSI) Tiny orbital rod
(NSI) Tiny neon rod
(NSI) Tiny my little pony rod
(NSI) Tiny gamblers rod
(NSI) Reaper rod
(NSI) Holiday rod- valentines
(NSI) Holiday rod- halloween
(NSI) Holiday rod- christmas
(NSI) Holiday rod- 4th of july
(NSI) Hobo rod
(NSI) Celestial rod

(CC) Neko: Black Paw Print Boots Bx
(CC) Neko: Black Goodie Bag
(CC) Neko: Black Chained Touch-Me Tail
(CC) Neko: Black Chained Dance Paws BX
(CC) Neko: Black Frisky Feet Bx
(CC) Neko: Black Kitty KickAss Boots Bx
(CC) Neko: Black Purrific Ears Bx
(CC) Neko: Fancy Black Touch Me Tail
(CC) Neko: Black Touch-Me Particle Tail
(CC) Neko: Black Fishing Tail
(CC) Neko: Black Paw Collar
(CC) Neko: Black BiteMe Bangles Bx
(CC) Neko: Red KickAss Boots Bx
(CC) Neko: Red Dance Paws Bx
(CC) Neko: Red Purrific Ears Bx
(CC) Neko: Red BiteMe Bangles Bx
(CC) Neko: Red/Blk Chained Touch-Me Tail
(CC) Neko: Red/Blk Touch-Me Particle Tail
(CC) Neko: Red/Blk Fishing Tail
(CC) Neko: Red/Blk Paw Collar
(CC) Neko: Red/Blk Fancy Touch Me Tail
(CC) Neko: Calico Chained Touch-Me Tail
(CC) Neko: Calico Fishing Tail
(CC) Neko: Calico Fancy Touch Me Tail
(CC) Neko: Calico Dance Paws Bx
(CC) Neko: Calico Purrific Ears Bx
(CC) Neko: Tabby Fancy Touch Me Tail
(CC) Neko: Tabby Fishing Tail
(CC) Neko: Tabby Frisky Feet BX
(CC) Neko: Tabby Purrific Ears BX
(CC) Neko: Tabby Dance Paws BX
(CC) Neko: Tabby Emitter Ring
(CC) Neko: Tabby BiteMe Bangles BX
(CC) Neko: Tabby Paw Collar
(CC) Neko: Tabby Chained Touch-Me Tail
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Fish Emitter Ring
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Chained Touch-Me Tail
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Goodie Bag
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Fishing Tail
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Fancy Tail
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Dance Paws Bx
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice KickAss Boots Bx
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Paw Collar
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Purrific Ears Bx
(CC) Neko: ColorShift Touch-Me Particle Tail
(CC) Neko: ColorShift Fish Emitter Ring
(CC) Neko: ColorShift Fancy Tail
(CC) Neko: ColorShift Paw Collar
(CC) Neko: Copper Goodie Bag
(CC) Neko: Kitty Whiskers Attatchment
(CC) Non-Rod: Ribbon Spin Stix BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Neon Spin Batons BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Rainbow Triple Hula Hoop
(CC) Non-Rod: Praying for Fishies
(CC) Non-Rod: Jumbo Butterfly Net
(CC) Non-Rod: Ionic Flight Reactor
(CC) Non-Rod: Magic Pagoda Tank
(CC) Non-Rod: Aqua Attack Axe
(CC) Non-Rod: Sir FishAlots Lance
(CC) Non-Rod: Sushi Snatching Claws BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Sea Serpent Sword
(CC) Non-Rod: Double Dip Daggers BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Barracuda Bashing Bat
(CC) Non-Rod: Fairy Flight Wand
(CC) Non-Rod: Gold Unidentified Fishing Object
(CC) Non-Rod: Green Unidentified Fishing Object
(CC) Non-Rod: Blue Unidentified Fishing Object
(CC) Non-Rod: Purple Unidentified Fishing Object
(CC) Non-Rod: Golden Fishing Tail & Ears BX
(CC) Non-Rod: ColorShift Fishing Tail & Ears BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Grey Fishing Tail & Ears BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Spotted Fishing Tail & Ears BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Tabby Fishing Tail & Ears BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Red/Blk Fishing Tail & Ears BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Calico Fishing Tail & Ears BX
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