Feature Request for Scripting API

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Feature Request for Scripting API

Postby Ruthven Willenov » 21 Nov 2016, 18:24

I would like a few things to be added to the scripting API

Abort - will broadcast on the same channel as the results. Useful when using money pots so that it can automatically return funds donated to the pot

Contest Type - when starting a contest, also say the contest type, either by a name or number (IE: type 1 = Unlimited, type 2 = limited, etc) Useful so that when a hud auto casts when it hears a contest start, it will know whether to unbait if it is limited

Boast - would like boast to be said on a hidden channel, such as the channel the rod communicates on already. This is useful for leaderboards so it doesn't have to listen on channel 0, as well as huds so that it can hear the stats to update

If such features already exist, I would like to know how to use them. Currently I can only figure out how to get my overall XP by boasting and having my hud listen on channel 0 until it hears the boast from my rod
Ruthven Willenov
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