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About the 7Seas Fishing Game

The 7Seas Fishing Game is a fun and affordable way to enjoy the great virtual outdoors, by yourself or with friends, while catching various wearable pets and other prizes! Load up some bait and shoot for leveling up your rod, track down those rare fish, show off your catches in a personal aquarium, take part in a fishing contest, create your own fishing area with your own custom catches, or even play games with your newfound finned friends -- it's all possible!

Want to try it out? Visit our headquarters in Second Life! And read on for more details on how it all works...

Variety of Fishing Rods -- All Of Them Good!

Drop a single L$ and get a demo rod, to see how it works -- then upgrade to either a Casual or Pro rod! Even without dropping a dime on purchasable bait, all rods can catch Common, Uncommon, and Rare fish! Pro rods can level up using bait to shoot for UltraRare and even SuperUltraRare catches! If you're not in the mood to chase the brass ring of professional fishing, simply grab a low-cost Casual rod which doesn't use any bait.

Which rod to buy is up to you and your ideas of fun -- either way you go, you'll never have a useless rod on your hands if you aren't interested in buying bait!

(Curious about the percentages and stats and such behind each rod and each level? Visit our Statistical Spoilers Page!)

Wearable Fish Pets

Every pet you catch is wearable! No useless, high-prim, copyright-dodgy fish here -- everything you get can be used with your avatar. Be the life of the party with a school of guppies swirling around your head, or a cute little mermaid parked on your shoulder!

Of course, not everything you catch is a pet... you might find valuable Salvage, which can be collected and converted via a Blueprint into a prize such as a boat, or a game, or more. Who knows what other secrets lurk in the oceanic depths..?

Display Aquariums

A variety of different low-prim aquariums are available, from simple goldfish bowls to wall-sized units perfect for your home or business. No matter what fish or how many fish you load into it, the prim count will remain nice 'n low. Feed your fish and keep the tank clean for that extra tender loving care -- or just disable the simulator features and use it purely for decoration. It's your choice!

Game On!

Your fish aren't just for show -- enter them into competitions or play games with them! With Aqua Dash, you'll be able to race your fish against each other! There may be more games in the future, so keep tabs on your local 7Seas Vendor for details!

And aside from arcade games, all fishing areas come with an optional Fishing Contest Board, which allows avatars to participate in marathon fishing contests for trophies! How many rares can you catch, and can you claim the coveted #1 spot..?

7Seas Fishing Group

Want to find out when new fish are added to the fishing game, or where the best fishing contests are? Join the "7Seas Fishing" group! It's free to join. Read contest notices! Stay abreast of fishy topics!

Want to chat and discuss 7Seas, as well as trade fish and salvage? Join the "7Seas Social Chat" group! It gets all the same news and notices of the main group but is friendly to group IMs.

Run a Fishing Area!

Purchase a 7Seas Fishing Area Kit from any 7Seas Vendor, and you can set up your own fishing area in your sim without needing someone to install it for you. Combine it with our optional Dock Decoration Kits, arrange it however you want without needing to pay a subscription or cough up hundreds of prims!

What's more, for any sales made through your personal 7Seas Vendor, you KEEP 20% of the item price! The kit pays for itself after only a few sales. All fishing areas are self-updating, so as new fish and features are released, you'll get upgraded for free! All you need is a place to fish set with script permissions. (Preferably the land would also allow anyone to rez objects for a minute or two, so people can set up chairs and easily load bait, but that's optional).

Fishing Excellence.

7Seas is the best fishing experience you can get... plenty of fun, plenty of opportunity, all for a very low entry cost and no ongoing fees. Plain and simple... we want you to have good, fishy fun! More innovations are coming in the future... stay tuned!


7Seas Fishing Game // Copyright 2008, 2009, 2010

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