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Welcome to the 7Seas Fishing Game,
in the Second Life® World!

The 7Seas Fishing Game in the Second Life® World is a fun and affordable way to enjoy the great virtual outdoors, by yourself or with friends, while catching various wearable pets and other prizes! Load up some bait and shoot for leveling up your rod, track down those rare fish, show off your catches in a personal aquarium, take part in a fishing contest, create your own fishing area with your own custom catches, or even play games with your newfound finned friends -- it's all possible!

Want to try it out? Visit our headquarters in Second Life! And read on for more details on how it all works...

About 7Seas: Quick overview of what 7Seas fishing in Second Life is all about. Includes our Statistical Spoilers Page.

News & Tips: See the Official Announcements section in the Discussion Forums.

Fishing Areas: A sortable list of all public 7Seas fishing areas.

Fish List: All the official fish and other items you can catch in the 7Seas Fishing Game. We add more frequently. In addition to the official fish, lots of fishing areas have added their own OpenSeas Content.

Community: Find out about our Second Life groups, OpenSeas community content, and visit the Discussion Forums main page.

Hall of Fame: The few, the proud, the players with over 50,000 XP!

Gear Vendors: Learn about official 7Seas gear. You can get these items from the multi-vendor in any 7Seas Fishing Area.

Photo Gallery: View and add to our 7Seas Flickr Pool.

Contact Us: Learn about our user groups and other ways to contact us. For customer support, please send an instant message in Second Life to 7Seas Sass or email to 7seasfishing@gmail.com.

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