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7Seas Fishing Community

The following community resources, groups, and other efforts are here to help expand your fishing experience. Get involved in your community today!

Official Resources

  • The Official 7Seas SL Groups...
    To join, send an IM to 7Seas Sass requesting to join one of these two groups. (This process may change in the future.) Both get the same news and freebies.
  • The Official 7Seas Discussion Forums -- Read news announcements, announce your fishing area or contests or new customs, talk fishy business, get help with your OpenSeas work!
    • We suggest that you register using your full SL name, including the space. (but don't use the same password you use to log in to SL!) And if you do use your full SL name, you can send a IM in SL to 7Seas Sass and ask to be added to the "Verified SL Name" forum group. That will cause your name to appear in purple and allow you to post in the Community Announcements group.

Community Resources

(Do you have a public, cross-cutting community resource you'd like to share with the rest of 7Seas? Find out how to submit your resource for consideration!)

  • 7Seas Radio
  • 7Seas Community Embassies
  • 7Seas Japan
  • The Builder's Guild
  • Details and more examples coming soon!

Submitting a Resource for Consideration

Send a notecard including the following information to 7Seas Sass. Name the notecard "Community Resource: NAME".

  1. Your community resource's NAME
  2. a LINK to more information (be it to a website, a forum post, or an SLURL)
  3. and a 2-3 SENTENCE DESCRIPTION to 7Seas Sass for consideration of inclusion in this list.

This is not a means to advertise your fishing area or your latest OpenSeas plug-in -- this is is for broader reaching community resources such as the examples cited above. Private groups or efforts which do not really involve the community at large may be turned down. Please allow about a week for reply.


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