Wingdom A New 7SEAs Location

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Wingdom A New 7SEAs Location

Postby sin speculaas » 29 Dec 2008, 08:52

Hello everyone ...Happy to announce Wingdom has 7Seas Fishing!! Wingdom is devoted to Fairies, Merfolk, Tinies and All who come in PEACE (No Weapons) Nessie and the Dragon are well trained and friendly.There are 3 7SEAs Gear Venders with signs for LMs to the posted Rezz Area for unpacking. Free beach chairs that you wear with no need to rezz. Free canoes to fish from or just paddle around in (lots O Linden Ocean to fish in) ...The Sirens are happy to share their rocks with the Fishers and seals..may even play their harp for you. The 7Seas servers extend over to the shores at The Abyss (Educational Underthesea Exploring)across the channel so please visit there also. Wingdom's land media is set to SL Live Music Radio that features the music of musicans that play in SL and also weekly Live music at the Spotlight Stage in Wingdom. Wingdom has Teleports (just click for destination) in rocks and shells to take you to areas of interest or just feel free to explore. Sign /w note card and LM on wall at Landing area (also the fishing area ) with LMs to various places. SLURL Looking forward to meeting you!!!
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Re: Wingdom A New 7SEAs Location

Postby Calberd Ofarrel » 29 Dec 2008, 16:00

o.0 tinies! I am so there! Sounds like a cool place! Love listening to all the live music venues in SL! Thanks for posting and letting us know!
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Re: Wingdom A New 7SEAs Location

Postby Celeste Cazenove » 29 Dec 2008, 19:19

sounds great :) I wonder if the Sirens are kitty friendly...
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Re: Wingdom A New 7SEAs Location

Postby 7Seas Sass » 01 Jan 2009, 16:55

Great! I added to the fishing area list:
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