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Public Fishing Areas

Fishing area names in bold and blue are General Access fishing areas. These areas have no sexually explicit content or visitors, and no other restrictions against specific types of avatars. They're safe and fun for all visitors!

The three icons indicate whether or not a fishing area has:

  • Custom Catchables are catchable prizes such as fish and other items available if you fish at that area. Many fishing areas list their available customs under the More Info link.
  • Shopping involves selling of fishing goods, including Community Creations which are 7Seas compatible add-ons or related items, free or for sale.
  • Fishing Contests are competitions between fishers.

Please let 7Seas Sass know if any of these listings are inaccurate. Thanks! If you own a public 7Seas Fishing Area and would like to add it to these lists, see How to Add Your Area's Information.

Select a Fishing Area List:
General Access Fishing Areas - Areas with Customs
Areas with Contests - Areas with Shopping - All Fishing Areas

How To Add Your Fishing Area:

You can post your own fishing area to the website! No need to contact 7Seas Sass anymore!

  1. In your Fishing Area Kit is a "Fishing Area Promotional Tool".
    • If you don't have one, wear your Proof of Purchase and click on it to get the latest version of the Fishing Area Kit.
  2. Rez the tool in-world, at the spot where you want people to teleport into your fishing area.
  3. Click on the tool and pick Help. Read the instructions! There are some important rules in there!
  4. Edit the Configuration notecard to enter your fishing area's information.
  5. Click on the tool and pick Post.

You're done! Leave the tool rezzed on the ground and it'll keep your entry posted on our website. Otherwise it'll clean itself up after a week of inactivity. The tool is modifiable, so you don't have to keep our circular "Welcome to our fishing area" graphic if you don't want to.


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